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1. Canvasses of [Jamaican] representation: Comment on Deborah Thomas public bodies Stanley-Niaah, Sonjah Journal of Latin American Anthropology. 2006      
2. Mirror, mirror: A feminist examination of the construction of beauty of body image Charles, Suzanne; Bailey, Barbara ; Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A. 2004      
3. “Dying to be beautiful?”:Body image, eating disorders and health in the Caribbean. Cooper, Carolyn       
4. Increased rates of body dissatisfaction, depressive symptoms, and suicide attempts in Jamaican teens with sickle cell disease Bhatt-Poulose, Komal; James, Kenneth; Reid, Marvin; Harrison, Abigail N; Asnani, Monika Pediatric Blood & Cancer . July 9 2016       
5. Evaluation of Body Image Satisfaction AmongAdolescents from Three High Schools in Kingston Lowe, Gillian A; Lipps, Garth E.       
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