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1. Neighbourhood Factors and Depression among Adolescents in Four Caribbean Countries Lowe, Gillian A.; Lipps, Garth E.; Gibson, Roger C.; Halliday, S.; Morris, A.; Clarke, N.; Wilson, Rosemarie N. PLoS ONE . 2014      
2. The occurrence of depressive symptoms and the association with diabetes mellitus and hypertension in Jamaica [Abstract only] Wilks, Rainford J.; Younger, Novie O.; Ashley, Deanna E.; Ward, Elizabeth.; Mullings, J.; Forrester, Terrence E. West Indian Medical Journal. 2002      
3. Inadequate nutrient intakes among homebound elderly and their correlation with individual characteristics and health-related factors Sharkey, Joseph R. ; Branch, Laurence G. ; Zohoori, Namvar ; Giuliani, Carol ; Busby-Whitehead, Jan ; Haines, Pamela S. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2002       
4. Frequency of depressive symptoms and associated risk behavior: Jamaican youth risk and resiliency behaviour survey (JYRRBS) 2006 McFarlene, S.; Younger, N.; Francis, D.; Gordon-Strachan, G.; Grant, A.; Johnson, A.; Van den Broeck, J.; Wilks, R.J. 2007      
5. Validation of the Beck Depression Inventory-II in a Jamaican University Student Cohort Lipps, Garth E.; Lowe, Gillian A.; Young, R       
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