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1. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease in the elderly in Latin America and the Caribbean Hennis, A; Hambleton, I; Tulloch-Reid, M; Barcelo, A; Fraser, H.S; Hassell, T Prevention and Control. 2006      
2. Good health status of older and oldest elderly in Jamaica: Are there differences between rural and urban areas? Bourne, Paul A. The Open Geriatric Medicine Journal . 2009      
3. Sex and the city: Differences in disease- and disability-free life years, and active community participation of elderly men and women in 7 cities in Latin America and the Caribbean Rose, Annmarie; Hennis, A. J; Hambleton, I. R BMC Public Health. 2008      
4. A survey of physiotherapists’ attitudes toward older people in Trinidad and Tobago Williams, Sonja.K.; Nunes, Kira International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation. December 2015      
5. Socio-demographic determinants of health status of elderly with self-reported diagnosed chronic medical conditions in Jamaica Bourne, Paul A.; McGrowder, Donovan A. Health. 2010      
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