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1. Fishing activities and fishable resources exploited by Whitehouse fishers, Westmoreland [Abstract] Murray, Anginette O.; Aiken, Karl A. 2003      
2. A really little fish story: an unusual fish phenomenon in the Yallahs River, St. Thomas Aiken, Karl A. Jamaica Journal . 2007      
3. Working to stem the tide of cultural erosion through the documentation of local aquatic knowledge and fishing practices by Melanesian youth Quinn, N.J 2006      
4. UWI system can improve safety for the fishing industry in Jamaica McFarlane, Glenford A.; Skobla, Joseph 2003      
5. Recent settlement trends in Panulirus argius (Decapoda: Palinuridae) pueruli around St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands Kojis, Barbara L.; Quinn, Norman J.; Caseau, S. M. Revista de Biología Tropical. 2003       
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