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1. Fishery management measures instituted at Discovery Bay, Jamaica, with special reference to establishment of the fisheries reserve and subsequent activities to develop the local fishery Gayle, Peter; Woodley, Jeremy; Sary, Zsolt       
2. Efforts by Discovery Bay marine lab to Improve Jamaican north coast fish catches Gayle, Peter M.; Sikora, Michael; Woodley, Jeremy D.; Sary, Zsolt 2003      
3. Managing Jamaica's queen conch resources Aiken, Karl A.; Kong, Andre G.; Smikle, Stephen G.; Appeldoorn, Richard; Warner, George F. Ocean and Coastal Management. 2006      
4. The subsistence fishery productivity and marine resource knowledge of resettled Polynesians from Tikopia Island, Solomon Islands Quinn, Norman J.; Mataki, Melchior Micronesica. 1999      
5. Local Marine Biological Knowledge and Management Practices in Hihifo Village, Ha’apai, Kingdom of Tonga Tonga, Nola; Naqasima-Sobey, Milika; Quinn, Norman J. Women in Fisheries . 2000      
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