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1. Cultural considerations for social workers in the Jamaican inner city: A sociological perspective Taylor, Orville W Caribbean journal of social work. 2002      
2. Street culture and the decay of community Bailey, Wilma R.; Branche, Clement; LeFranc, Elsie R-M. Caribbean dialogue: A policy bulletin of Caribbean affairs. 1998      
3. Disrupted Caregiving Relationships and Emotional Well Being in School Age Children Living in Inner City Communities Pottinger, Audrey M. 2005      
4. The Constructed Realities of Jamaican Inner-City Youth: Public Health Implications [Abstract] Gibson, R. C.; Chung, R.; Morgan, Kai A.; Hickling, Frederick W. West Indian Medical Journal. 2004      
5. Cultural considerations for social workers: A sociological perspective Taylor, Orville W Caribbean Journal of Social Work. 2002      
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