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1. The Effects of Growth in utero on cognitive function at age six to eight years [Abstract] Walker, Susan. P.; Thame, Minerva. M.; Chang, Susan M.; Bennett, Franklyn I.; Forrester, Terrence E. West Indian Medical Journal. 2004      
2. The effect of maternal nutrition on foetal growth and blood presure at age 2 years [Abstract only] Thame,Minerva M.; Wilks,Rainford J.; Bennett,Franklyn I.; McFarlane-Anderson,Norma ; Osmond,C; Forrester,Terrence E. West Indian Medical Journal. 1998      
3. Response of splanchnic and whole-body leucine kinetics to treatment of children with edematous protein-energy malnutrition accompanied by infection Reid, Marvin E. ; Badaloo, Asha V.; Forrester, Terrence E.; Heird, W. C. ; Jahoor, Farook American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. 2002       
4. Undernutrition and elevated blood lead levels: effects on psychomotor development among Jamaican children Meeks-Gardner, Julie; Walker, Susan P.; Chang, Susan M.; Vutchkov, Mitko K.; Lalor, Gerald C. Public health nutrition. 1998      
5. Knowledge of basic sports nutrition, attitudes and practices of athletes and coaches [Abstract] Ennis, M.; Powell, Christine A. West Indian Medical Journal. 1999      
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