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1. Maternal lifestyle and pregnancy outcome in Jamaica: The effects of cigarette and marijuana smoking, alcohol use and sexual activity [abstract] Samms-Vaughan, Maureen E.; McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Ashley, Deanna E. West Indian Medical Journal . 1998      
2. A comparative study of pregnancy outcome in teenage girls and mature women Thame, Minerva M.; Wilks, Rainford J.; Matadial, Lennox; Forrester, Terrence E. West Indian Medical Journal. 1999       
3. Access to care and maternal mortality in Jamaica McCaw-Binns, Affette M.; Standard-Goldson, Aileen; Ashley, Deanna E.; Walker, G.; MacGillivray, I West Indian Medical Journal. 1999      
4. Lupus anticoagulant in Jamaican primiparae and the clinical significance in asymptomatic patients Wharfe, Gillian H.; Fletcher, Horace M.; Reid, Marvin E. West Indian Medical Journal. 1999       
5. Stressful events and coping with infertility: factors determining pregnancy outcome among IVF couples in Jamaica Pottinger, Audrey M; Nelson, K; McKenzie, Claudette Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology. 2016       
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