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1. Cancers: The changing patterns Hanchard, Barrie; Morgan, Owen 2005      
2. A review of the patterns of docetaxel use for hormone refractory prostate cancer (HRPC) at the Princess Margaret Hospital. Chin, Sheray N. 2009      
3. Bone Mineral Density in Jamaican Men on Hormonal Therapy for Prostate Cancer. Morrison, Belinda F. 2009      
4. E-cadherin polymorphisms and haplotypes influence risk for prostate cancer Bonilla, C; Mason, T; Ahaghotu, C; Chen, W; Zhao, A; Coulibaly, A; Bennett, Franklyn I.; Aiken, W; Tullock, T; Coard, K; Freeman, V; Kittles, R The Prostate. 2006      
5. The effect of body mass index on prostate-specific antigen levels in Jamaican men. Aiken, William D.; Morrison, Belinda F.; Jackson, Maria D.; Tulloch, Trevor; Mayhew, Richard; Wan, Robert; Bennett, Franklyn; Coard, Kathleen; Tulloch-Reid, Marshall K. 2009      
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