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1. Psychiatric inpatients' satisfaction with services: A pilot study Bhugra, Dinesh; La Grenade, Janet A.; Dazzan, Paola International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice. 2000      
2. The Treatment of Personality Disorder in Jamaica with Psychohistoriographic Brief Psychotherapy [Abstract] Hickling, Frederick W.; De La Haye, Winston West indian Medical Journal. 2004      
3. A Comparative Study between Individual and Group Psychotherapy in Alleviating Depression in Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Jamaica [Abstract] Hyatt, S.; Morgan, Kai A.; Hylton-Kong, T. West Indian Medical Journal. 2004      
4. From Explanitations and Madnificent Irations to de Culcha Clash Hickling, Frederick W. Interventions: International Journal of Post Colonial Studies . 2004      
5. Insights into the Psychosocial Health of Inner-City Youth Through Projective Drawings. [Abstract] Morgan, Kai A.; Chung, R.; Gibson, R. C.; Hickling, Frederick W. West Indian Medical Journal. 2003      
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