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1. Reactions of S-nitrosothiols with L-ascorbic acid in aqueous solution Dasgupta, Tara P.; Smith, James N. Methods in enzymology. 2002      
2. The effect of S-Nitrosocaptopril on blood glucose metabolism and studies on Haemodynamic parameters [Abstract] Campbell, Sacha A.; Lindo, Ruby L.; Dasgupta, Tara P. 2003      
3. The effect of S-nitrosocaptopril (CapSNO) and S-nitroso-Nacetyl penicillamine (SNAP) co-administered with cysteine on blood glucose metabolism and total nitrite concentration in normal Wistar mixed breed rats. Campbell, Sacha; Lindo, Rudy L.; Dasgupta, T.; McGrowder, Donovan American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology. 2008      
4. Kinetics and mechanism of the decomposition of S-nitrosoglutathione by l-ascorbic acid and copper ions in aqueous solution to produce nitric oxide Smith, James N. ; Dasgupta, Tara P Nitric oxide. 2000      
5. The Effect of S-Nitrosocaptopril and S-Nitroso-N-Acetyl-D,L-penicillamine on glucose concentration and haemodynamic parameters. Campbell, Sacha; Alexander-Lindo, Ruby; McGrowder, Donovan A.; Gordon, L.; Dasgupta, Tara Journal of Applied Biomedicine. 2009      
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