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1. The Demographics of Suicide in Jamaica: A Study of Suicides in 2003 [Abstract] Barnaby, Loraine A. West Indian Medical Journal. 2004      
2. A public health and suicide risk in Jamaica from 2002 to 2006. Abel, Wendel D; Bourne, Paul A; Hamil, Hayden K; Thompson, Eulalee M; Martin, Jacqueline S; Gibson, Roger C; Hickling, Frederick W. North American Journal of Medical Sciences. 2009      
3. Increased rates of body dissatisfaction, depressive symptoms, and suicide attempts in Jamaican teens with sickle cell disease Bhatt-Poulose, Komal; James, Kenneth; Reid, Marvin; Harrison, Abigail N; Asnani, Monika Pediatric Blood & Cancer . July 9 2016       
4. Suicide attempt by self-poisoning: characteristics of suicide attempters seen at Emergency Room at the University Hospital of the West Indies Williams-Johnson, Jean A.; Williams, Eric W.; Gossell-Williams, M.; Sewell, C.A.; Abel, W.D.; Whitehorn-Smith, P.A. West Indian Medical Journal. 2012      
5. Fatal Poisoning in Jamaica: A Coroner's Autopsy Study from the University Hospital of the West Indies Escoffery, Carlos T.; Shirley, Suzanne E. Medical Science Law. 2004      
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