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1. Constituents and phytotoxic effects of Pinus caribea L. Sawdust Lignin Lindo, Ruby L.; Williams, L.A.D. Phillippine Journal of Science. 1999      
2. Towards research equity -- challenges of safety monitoring during clinical trials in resource-limited settings Van den Broeck, J. ; Robinson, A. K. West Indian Medical Journal. 2007       
3. A potential role for the antidiabetic drug metformin in the treatment of platinum resistant ovarian cancer Morris, Kadane; Reboe-benjamin Monique; Levy, Arkene S. West Indian Medical Journal . 2016       
4. Pesticidal potential of tropical plants III: Acaicidal properties of few crude extracts and their fractions Blair, Marcia; Mansingh, Ajai 2002      
5. Review of cadmium transfers from soil to humans and its health effects and Jamaican environment Lalor, G. C. Sci Total Environ. 2008 Aug 1      
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