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1. How Climate Change Education is Influencing Pedagogy for Teacher Education Down, Lorna O UNESCO Innovemos, Education Innovations Network for Latin America and the Caribbean. 2012      
2. Inside Story: climate change and flood risk Challenges for Jamaican towns and communities Mandal, Arpita; Smith, David; Wilson, M; Taylor, Michael A; Nandi, A; Otuokon, S CDKN (Climate Development and Knowledge Network) Inside Story. 2016       
3. Climate Change and the Caribbean: Review and Response Taylor, M. A.; Stephenson, T. S.; Chen, A. A.; Stephenson, K. Caribbean Studies . 2012      
4. Atlantic Hurricane Activity during the Last Millennium Burn, Michael James; Palmer, Suzanne Scientific Reports. 2015       
5. Niche Modeling for Managementready Information in Little-studied, Threatened Frog Species Assemblages Holmes, Iris; McLaren, Kurt/P./Wilson, Byron S Journal for Nature Conservation. 2015       
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