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1. Climate change impact on dengue: the Caribbean Experience Chen, A. Anthony; Chadee, Dave D; Rawlins, Samuel C       
2. Glimpses of the future: A briefing from the PRECIS Caribbean Climate Change Project Taylor, Michael A; Centella, A; Charlery, J; Borrajero, I; Bezanilla, A; Campbell, J; Rivero, R; Stephenson, T S; Whyte, F; Watson, R       
3. Atlantic Hurricane Activity during the Last Millennium Burn, Michael James; Palmer, Suzanne Scientific Reports. 2015       
4. Niche Modeling for Managementready Information in Little-studied, Threatened Frog Species Assemblages Holmes, Iris; McLaren, Kurt/P./Wilson, Byron S Journal for Nature Conservation. 2015       
5. Adapting to Dengue Risk: What to do? Taylor, Michael A.; Chen, Abraham .A; Rawlins, S; Heslop-Thomas, C; Amarakoon, A; Bailey, W; Chadee, D; Huntley, S AIACC Working Paper Series. 2006      
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