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1. E-cadherin polymorphisms and haplotypes influence risk for prostate cancer Bonilla, C; Mason, T; Ahaghotu, C; Chen, W; Zhao, A; Coulibaly, A; Bennett, Franklyn I.; Aiken, W; Tullock, T; Coard, K; Freeman, V; Kittles, R The Prostate. 2006      
2. Toll-like receptor-associated sequence variants and prostate cancer risk among men of African descent Rogers, E. N.; Jones, D. Z.; Kidd, N. C.; Yeyeodu, S.; Brock, G.; Ragin, C.; Jackson, M.; McFarlane-Anderson, N.; Tulloch-Reid, M.; Sean Kimbro, K.; Kidd, L. R. Genes Immun . 2013      
3. Polymorphisms in CYP17 and CYP3A4 and prostate cancer in men of African descent Taioli, E.; Sears, V.; Watson, A.; Flores-Obando, R. E.; Jackson, M. D.; Ukoli, F. A.; de Syllos Colus, I. M.; Fernandez, P.; McFarlane-Anderson, N.; Ostrander, E. A.; Rodrigues, I. S.; Stanford, J. L.; Taylor, J. A.; Tulloch- Reid, M.; Ragin, C. C. Prostate. 2013      
4. Fat profile of Jamaican ackees, oleic acid content and possible health implications. Goldson Barnaby, Andrea; Bremmer, D.; Nelson, K.; Minott. Donna A. West Indian Medical Journal. Jan 2014      
5. Are food patterns associated with prostate cancer in Jamaican men: a preliminary report Jackson, M. ; Walker, S. ; Simpson, C. ; McFarlane-Anderson, N. ; Bennett, Franklyn I. Infect Agent Cancer. 2009      
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