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Journal Article
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Robinson, Dwight E.; Mansingh, Ajai
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Department of Life Sciences
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Insecticide contamination of Jamaican environment. IV. Transport of residues from coffee plantations in the blue mountains to coastal waters in eastern Jamaica
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Environmental Monitoring and Assessment
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A survey of 120 coffee farmers in the Portland watershed revealed that they lacked training in pesticide application, and had no concept of the transport of residues in the environment and their impact on non-target organisms. Residues of organochlorine (OC) and organophosphorous compounds (OP) were monitored monthly for over a year in plantation soil, and water, sediment and fauna of three rivers and coastal waters of Portland watershed by gas chromatography. OP residues were not detected in any sample while OC residues were below detection levels in Rio Grande. The mean concentration plus or minus standard error of residues detected in water ( mu g L super(-1)), sediment (ng g super(-1)) and fauna (ng g super(-1) in wet weight) were: alpha -endosulfan 2.7 plus or minus 1.29, 3.8 plus or minus 0.15 and 15.9 plus or minus 1.61, respectively, in Spanish River, 1.56 plus or minus 0.43, 24.3 plus or minus 16.44 and 9.0 plus or minus 1.86, respectively, in Swift River; 0.40 plus or minus 0.02, 1.77 plus or minus 0.68 plus or minus 12.63, respectively, in sea coast; beta -endosulfan, 1.2 plus or minus 0.48, 0 and 8.1 plus or minus 1.99, respectively, in Spanish River, 1.9 plus or minus 0.49, 0.75 plus or minus 0.32 and 11. plus or minus 4.32, respectively, in Swift River; 0, 5.1 plus or minus 0.30 and 30.9 plus or minus 15.96, respectively, in sea coast; endosulfan sulphate, 0.12 plus or minus 0.12, 4.8 plus or minus 1.62 and 10.0 plus or minus 2.02, respectively, in Spanish River, 3.6 plus or minus 0.95, 3.1 plus or minus 0.56 and 7.9 plus or minus 1.29, respectively, in Swift River and 0, 3.9 plus or minus 2.17 and 24.0 plus or minus 14.67, respectively, in sea coast. Dieldrin residues were detected only once in water (0.2 plus or minus 0.03) and sediment (0.02 plus or minus 0.003) of Spanish River, water (0.76 plus or minus 0.09) of Swift River and sediment (0.1 plus or minus 0.005) of sea coast; pp/DDE was found twice in water (3.1 plus or minus 1.53) and sediment (0.1 plus or minus 0.007) of Swift River and water (0.8 plus or minus 0.22) and sediment (6.14 plus or minus 0.41) of sea coast. Arochlor was detected only twice (0.011 and 0.153) in water of Spanish River.....
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