Project Title Department Amount Status Project Period
The Asbestos Problem in Jamaica

Chemistry 0 -
The Monitoring of Pesticide Residues in Selected Vegetables across Jamaica and the Development of Cultural Techniques and Botanical Insecticides for the Integrated Management of Crucifer Pests

Life Sciences J$1,247,500.00   -
Agro Industrial Waste Survey

Pure & Applied Sciences J$2,700,000   - 10/1/1997
Agro-Industrial Waste Survey

J$2,700,000.00   - 12/1/1996
Jamaica Economic Zone

Geography & Geology 0 -
SEBRA Project

Geography & Geology 0 -
Promote Use, Handling & Disposal of Asbestos

Chemistry 0 -
Improvement of Community Health in the Hope River Valley

ICENS J$3,753,750.00   - 6/1/2002
Epidemiolgy and Management of White- fly Transmitted Geminiviruses.

Basic Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) US$60,000.00   Completed - 6/23/1905
The Mangrove Ecosystem: A Bio- diversity Hot-Spot

Life Sciences J$4,36,750.00   Current -
Development Programmes for Child Development Therapy & Masters in Child Development

Chid Health J$3,332,000.00   Current -
The Mangroves and Seagrass Beds of Kingston Harbour: Investigation of Sustainability as Nursery Grounds for fishable organisms

Dept. of Life Sciences J$848,460.00   Current -
The Crocodiles at the Fringe of Human

Dept. of Life Sciences J$2,589,000.00   Current -
Feasibility Study on Wind Hybrid Energy Systems

Dept. of Physics J$1,040,750.00   Current -
Hazardous Waste in the Informal Sector

Dept. of Chemistry 0 Seeking Funding -
Asbestos Removal from Succaba Penn, Old Harbour

Dept. of Chemistry 0 Seeking Funding -
Establishment of a Plant Conservation Centre at the University of the West Indies, Mona

Dept. of Life Sciences 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
Identification and Removal of Anti-Micro- bial Factors Preventing Distillery Waste Recycling

Dept. of Medical Sciences (Biochemistry Section) 0 Seeking Funding (Sep. 2005) -
Community-Based Integrated Watershed Management in the Upper Rio Minho and Pindar's River

Environmental Management Unit, Mona 0 Seeking Funding (Sep. 2005) -
Caregiver Training and Early Childhood Stimulation in Places of Safety

Tropical Medicine Research Institute 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
Promoting young children's social and emotional competence and preventing aggression in basic schools

Dept. of Educational Studies 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
Status and conservation of sea turtles in Jamaica

Dept. of Life Sciences 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
The Impact of Ballast Water on Jamaica Coastal Habitat

Dept. of Life Sciences 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
St. Thomas Coastal Habitat Protection Project: Ecological Assessment of the Morant Wetlands

Dept. of Life Sciences 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
Endocrine Disrupters in Jamaican Foods Sewage and Waste Water Supply: Synthetic Oestrogens Xenoestrogens & their association with Uterine Fibroids, Prostate & Breast Cancers

Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 0 Seeking Funding (Sep. 2005) -
Investigation and remediation of hazar- dous hydrocarbon pollutants in Urban & rural areas of Jamaica

Dept. of Life Sciences 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
Training officer to develop Associate Degree in Early Childhood Development

Caribbean Child Development Centre 0 Seeking Funding(Sep. 2005) -
Beach Erosion and Coastal Hazards: Ensuring Safety at the Community and Manage- ment Levels

Dept. of Geography & Geology JA$5,946,150.00   Current - 4/1/2006
Digitizating Jamaica's National Heritage of Plant Biodiverisity Collections

Dept. of Life Sciences JA$4,646,379.00   Current - 11/1/2006
Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model- ing of the Southeast Hellshire Coast of St. Catherine, Jamaica

Dept. of Life Sciences JA$1,060,000.00   Current - 5/1/2006
Conservation of the Jamaica Iguana in the Hellshire Hills

Dept. of Life Sciences JA$1,764,000.00   Current -