LIST OF PROJECTS FUNDED BY Inter-American Institute for Global Change (via OFFICE OF SPONSORED RESEARCH)
Project Title Department Amount Status Project Period
Diagnostic and Prediction of Climate Variability and Human Health Impacts in the Tropical Americas

Physics US$25,000.00   Current - 6/27/1905
Analyzing and Understanding Climate Variability in the Caribbean Islands

Physics US$22,000.00   Completed - 6/23/1905
When Oceans Conspire: Examining the Effects of Concurrent SST Anomalies in the Tropical Atlantic and Pacific on Caribbean Rainfall

Physics US$28,000.00   Completed - 6/23/1905
The Threat of Dengue Fever - Assessment of Impacts and Adaptation to Climate Change in Human Health in the Caribbean

Physics US$218,000.00   Current - 6/26/1905