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List of Members of Staff (Alpha Sequence)
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Gabay, Leslie (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Gallimore, Winklet Authrine (Dr) Senior Lecturer FST - Chemistry
Ganapathy, Savitha (Dr)
Gardner, Harriett Wendy (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Gardner, Michael Trevor (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Garraway, Eric (Dr) Senior Lecturer FST - Life Sciences
Gaskin, Pamela Suzanne (Mrs)
Gayle, Herbert S. (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Sociology,Psych &SocWork
Gayle, Peter Marshall Hope (Mr) Principal Scientific Officer FST - Discovery Bay Marine Lab
Gaynor, Paul Antonio (Mr)
George, Verna Ena (Mrs) Retiree (M) Mona Campus Retiree
Ghartey, Edward Ekow (Prof) Professor FSS - Economics
Gibbison, Godfrey Alexander (Dr)
Gibbs, Lance L.O. (Mr)
Gibson, Roger Carl (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Gibson, Tracey Nadine (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Pathology
Gigliotti, Simone Louise (Dr)
Gilbert, David Titus (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Girvan, Norman Paul (Prof)
Golden, Kerith Donovan (Dr)
Goldson-Barnaby, Andrea Michelle (Mrs) Assistant Lecturer FST - Chemistry
Gordon, Barbara Ann (Mrs)
Gordon, Carron Dahlia (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Gordon, Doreen Joy (Miss) Lecturer FSS - Sociology,Psych &SocWork
Gordon, Peter-John McHervin (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Economics
Gordon Stair, Angela Ikoline (Dr) Senior Counsellor University Health Services
Gordon-Strachan, Georgiana Marie (Dr) Director II Mona Office for Resrch & Innov
Gosse, Dave St. Aubyn (Dr) Lecturer FHE - Inst of Caribbean Stds
Gossell-Williams, Maxine Deborah (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Goulbourne, Jacqueline Deon (Dr)
Granston, Carol Nichola (Dr)
Grant, Andrew Carl (Mr)
Grant, Charles Nathaniel (Mr) Director-General ICENS Centre Env & Nuclear Sc
Grant, Norma Louise (Dr)
Grant Cameron, Rose Marie (Mrs) Director of Student Services Faculty of Law
Grant-Woodham, Jeanette Rose (Mrs)
Gray, Robert Hugh (Prof)
Green, Curtis Omar (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Tropical Med Res Inst
Green, Kerry-Ann (Miss)
Green, Olive Cynthia (Mrs)
Green, Rosetta Theresa (Mrs)
Green, Sean O (Mr)
Greenaway, Anthony Michael (Dr)
Griffith, Stafford Alexander (Prof) Head of Department FHE - School of Education
  Professor FHE - School of Education
Gutzmore, Cecil (Mr)
Gyles, Kamille Kimberly (Ms)
Hagley, Knox Earle Wycliffe (Prof)
Haley, Michael Peter (Dr)
Hall, Kenneth O (Prof)
Hall, Winnifred Mae (Dr)
Hambleton, Ian Richard (Dr)
Hamil, Sybile Winnifred (Ms)
Hamilton, Marlene Annette (Prof)
Hamilton, Michelle Ann Elizabeth (Dr)
Hamilton, Pansy Ivoreen (Mrs) Research Fellow FMS - Hugh Wynter FertilityMgt
Hanchard, Barrie (Prof) Senior Lecturer FMS - Pathology (Anatomical)
Hanchard, Neil Andrew (Dr)
Hanley, Fred Crew (Dr)
Harding, Oswald Gaskell (Dr)
Harding, Vivienne Ann (Mrs) Programme Coordinator Open Campus - Director Office
Harding, Wayne Wesley (Dr)
Harding-Goldson, Hyacinth Elaine (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Hardware, Valerie Joy (Mrs)
Harewood, Gabriel Ronaldo (Mr)
Harriott, Anthony Donovan (Prof) Director I Inst. for Crim.Justice & Sec.
Harriott, John Audley (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Harris, Eon Nigel (Prof)
Harris, Michelle Ann (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Harris, Myrtle Elaine (Mrs)
Harris, Sasekea (Dr) Librarian Library - Loans & Reference
Harrison, Abigail Natalie (Dr) Lecturer FMS -Child & Adolescent Health
Harry, Otelemate Gaibo (Dr) Senior Lecturer FHE - Lang, Linguistics & Phil
Hart, Nicole Patrice (Dr)
Harvey, Kevin (Dr)
Harvey, Lawrence Oliver (Dr)
Hassan, Ishmael (Dr)
Haughton, Andre Yone Textron (Mr) Lecturer FSS - Economics
Haughton, Michael Anthony (Dr)
Haughton, Suzette Andrea (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Government
Hayle, Carolyn Elizabeth (Dr) Senior Programme Officer Inst. for Sustainable Develop.
Hayter, Raymond John (Mr)
Headley, Bernard Donaldson (Prof)
Heap, Brian (Mr) Staff Tutor Philip Sherlock Centre For CA
Heath, Rosemarie Antoniette (Dr) Lecturer FHE - Library & Inform Studies
Henningham, Helen Jane (Dr)
Henry, Audene Sewayne (Miss)
Henry-Lee, Aldrie Jennifer (Dr) Senior Research Fellow FSS - Sir Arthur Lewis ISES
Hepburn-Brown, Cerese Cordia (Mrs) Lecturer FMS - UWI School of Nursing
Heron, Taitu A-Baba (Miss)
Heslop, Orville Delroy (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Microbiology
Hewitt, Hermi Hyacinth (Dr)
Hickling, Fredrick William (Prof) Professor Emeritus FMS - Medical Sc-Dean's Office
Hinds, Allister Earl (Dr) Director, Human Resource Mgt. Registry - Human Res Mgt Div
Holder-Nevins, Desmalee (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Holness, Dean D. (Mr)
Hoo Fung, Leslie Ann (Miss) Research Scientist ICENS Centre Env & Nuclear Sc
Hope, Donna Patricia (Dr) Senior Lecturer FHE - Inst of Caribbean Stds
Hordatt-Gentles, Carol Christine (Dr) Lecturer FHE - School of Education
Howe, Andrea Avergale (Miss)
Hudson, Gillian April (Ms) Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Hurlock, Lisa Nicole (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Hutson, Rhonda Lauren (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Hutton, Clinton Alexander (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Government
Hutton, Dave George (Mr)
Hutton, Disraeli Montgomery (Dr) Senior Lecturer FHE - School of Education
Hylton-Kong, Tina Nicola Marie (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Hyslop, Eric Joseph (Dr) Senior Lecturer FST - Life Sciences