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List of Members of Staff (Alpha Sequence)
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Insanally, Annette Eleanor (Ms) Senior Programme Officer OASIs - Latin Americ Carib Cen
Irvine, Roger Warren (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Irving, Rachael Rebecca (Dr) Senior Research Fellow FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Isaacs, Hedy Leonie (Dr)
Jackson, Elaine Monica (Ms) Training Officer FMS - Hugh Wynter FertilityMgt
Jackson, Grace Rosemarie (Miss) Sports Development Director Office of the Campus Principal
Jackson, Jean U. (Mrs)
Jackson, Jose Candace (Dr)
Jackson, Maria Delores (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Jackson, Trevor Anthony (Prof)
Jackson, Yvette Ann (Prof) Professor FPA - Chemistry
Jackson-Betty, Sandra Theresa (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Microbiology
Jacobs, Helen Marjorie (Prof) Professor FPA - Chemistry
Jaggon, Jacqueline Rosemarie (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Pathology (Anatomical)
James, Caryl Carey-Ann B. (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Sociology,Psych &SocWork
James, Joy P (Mrs)
James, Kenneth Charles Gordon (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
James, Michael Vernon (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
James-Reid, Olga Hyacinth (Dr)
Jayawardena, Chandana Keerthi (Mr)
Jefferson, Albertina A (Mrs)
Jemmott, Jenny Marie (Dr) Lecturer FHE - History & Archaeology
Jennings-Craig, Zellynne Dolores (Prof) Professor FHE - Educational Studies
Johnson, Anthony Smith Rowe (Mr)
Johnson, David Lawrence (Prof)
Johnson, Nadine Angelique (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Johnson, Peter Balfour (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Johnson, Rosemarie Andrea (Dr) Senior Lecturer FSS - Sociology,Psych &SocWork
Jones, Edwin Samuel (Prof) Senior Lecturer FSS - Mona School of Business
Jones, Kevin Mark Anthony (Mr)
Jones, Marlyn J. (Dr)
Jones, Sonia O. (Dr) Senior Lecturer FHE - Educational Studies
Jones-Graham, Karen Ann (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Management Studies
Josephs, Aleric Joyce (Dr) Lecturer FHE - History & Archaeology