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List of Members of Staff (Alpha Sequence)
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Kahwa, Eulalia Kokuangisa (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - UWI School of Nursing
Kahwa, Ishenkumba Albert (Prof) Deputy Principal Office of the Deputy Principal
Karagiannis, Nikolaos (Dr)
Kean, Cheryl Elizabeth (Ms) Senior Librarian Library - Administration
Kerr, Paulette Angela (Dr) Campus Librarian Library - Administration
Khan, Carol Ann (Ms)
King, Lesley-Gaye Carolyn (Dr) Head, Clinical Services FMS - TMRI -Sickle Cell Unit
Kirton, Claremont Donald (Prof)
La Grenade-Fletcher, Janet Agnes (Dr)
Lalor, Gerald C (Prof)
Lashley, Beverley Patricia (Ms) Senior Librarian Library - Car Disaster Inf Net
Lawrence-Wright, Marilyn Beverley (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Lawson, Konrad Andre (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Lee, Michael Gibson (Prof) Professor FMS - Medicine
Leitch, Joan Monica (Mrs) Information Technology Officer MITS - Applications
Leo-Rhynie, Elsa Ann (Prof)
Levy, Natricha Antoinette (Miss)
Lewis, Maureen Patricia (Prof)
Lewis, Rupert Charles (Prof) Retiree (M) Mona Campus Retiree
Lindo, Jascinth Lorna-Mae (Dr) Lecturer FMS - UWI School of Nursing
Lindo, John Fitzgerald (Prof) Lecturer FMS - Microbiology
Lindsay, Louis Genito (Mr)
Linton, Dulcie May (Mrs)
Lyew-Ayee, Anne Lee Wah (Mrs)
Lyew-Ayee, Parris Anthony Rupert (Dr) Director, Mona GeoInformatics FST - Geography & Geology