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List of Members of Staff (Alpha Sequence)
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Kahwa, Eulalia Kokuangisa (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - UWI School of Nursing
Kahwa, Ishenkumba Albert (Prof) Adjunct Senior Lecturer FST - Chemistry
  Deputy Principal Office of the Deputy Principal
Karagiannis, Nikolaos (Dr)
Kean, Cheryl Elizabeth (Ms) Senior Librarian Library - Administration
Kelly, Conall Seamus Michael (Dr) Head of Department FST - Mathematics
  Senior Lecturer FST - Mathematics
Kennedy, Michele Marie Ann (Dr) Lecturer FHE - Lang, Linguistics & Phil
Kerr, Paulette Angela (Dr) Campus Librarian Library - Administration
Kerr-Campbell, Maureen Delora (Mrs) Librarian Library - Systems
Khan, Carol Ann (Ms)
Khan, Shakira Ann (Miss)
Kiani, Khurshid Muhammad (Dr)
King, Damien Wayne (Dr) Lecturer FSS - Economics
King, Lesley-Gaye Carolyn (Dr) Head, Clinical Services FMS - CAIHR-Sickle Cell Unit
King, Ruby Hope (Dr)
Kirton, Claremont Donald (Prof) Senior Lecturer FSS - Economics
K'nife, K'adamawe A.H.N (Dr) Lecturer Non-Medical To Bar MSBM-MIBES
Knight-Madden, Jennifer Marcelle (Dr) Professor FMS - CAIHR-Sickle Cell Unit
Kouwenberg, Silvia (Prof) Professor FHE - Lang, Linguistics & Phil
Kulkarni, Santosh Kumar (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
La Grenade-Fletcher, Janet Agnes (Dr)
La Hee, Franklyn Anthony (Dr)
Lalor, Gerald C (Prof)
Lambert, Clement Theodore Milton (Dr) Lecturer FHE - School of Education
Lamm, Andrew (Mr)
Lancashire, Robert John (Prof)
Lashley, Beverley Patricia (Ms)
Latore, Lyndon Anthony (Mr)
Lattibeaudiere, Warrick (Mr)
Lawrence, Mark Alwin Washington (Dr)
Lawrence, William Wilberforce (Dr) Senior Lecturer MSBM-PSU
Lawrence-Wright, Marilyn Beverley (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Lawson, Konrad Andre (Dr) Associate Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Lawson, Richard Anthony (Mr)
Le Franc, Elsie Rose-Marie (Dr)
Leake, Pierre-Anthony Emile (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Lee, Michael Gibson (Prof) Lecturer FMS - Medicine
Leitch, Joan Monica (Mrs) Information Technology Officer MITS - Applications
Lemieux, Victoria Louise (Mrs)
Lenik, Stephan Timothy (Mr)
Lennard, John Chevening (Dr)
Leo-Rhynie, Elsa Ann (Prof)
Lettman, Maxine Ophelia (Miss) Programme Co-ordinator I MSBM-Office of the Exec. Dir.
Levy, Arkene Stacy-Ann (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Levy, Horace Anthony (Mr)
Levy, Natricha Antoinette (Miss)
Lewis, Balford Alexander (Mr)
Lewis, Jillian Monique (Dr)
Lewis, Maureen Patricia (Prof)
Lewis, Norma Aleane (Ms)
Lewis, Ouida Mae (Mrs)
Lewis, Patsy Patricia (Dr) Professor Research Fellow FSS - Sir Arthur Lewis ISES
Lewis, Rupert Charles (Prof) Retiree (M) Mona Campus Retiree
Lewis-Fokum, Yewande Eleene (Dr) Lecturer FHE - School of Education
Lewis-Smikle, Jossett Idona (Dr)
Lindo, Jascinth Lorna-Mae (Dr) Lecturer FMS - UWI School of Nursing
Lindo, John Fitzgerald (Prof) Lecturer FMS - Microbiology
Lindo, Ruby Lisa (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Lindsay, Louis Genito (Mr)
Linton, Dulcie May (Mrs)
Lipps, Garth Edward (Dr) Professor FSS - Sociology,Psych &SocWork
Logan, Mawuena Kossi (Dr)
Lopez, Sheryll Anne (Ms)
Lowe, Gillian Angela (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Comm Health & Psychiatry
Lowe-Graham, Sheila Arlene (Mrs)
Lubeth, Gilles Thomas (Mr)
Lyew-Ayee, Anne Lee Wah (Mrs)
Lyew-Ayee, Parris Anthony Rupert (Dr) Director, Mona GeoInformatics Mona GeoInformatics Institute