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List of Members of Staff (Alpha Sequence)
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Ogle, Laura Rosa (Miss)
Oliver, Patricia Clair (Ms)
Omoruyi, Felix Osayonamen (Dr)
Osagie, Anthony Uyekpen (Prof)
Palmer, Dorothy Maud (Ms) Retiree (M) Mona Campus Retiree
Palmer, Wayne St. Orville (Dr) Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Parkins, Lorna Maria (Mrs)
Parshad, Omkar (Prof)
Paul, Annie (Ms) Publications Officer FSS - Sir Arthur Lewis ISES
Pearce, Margarette Allyson (Mrs) Retiree (M) Mona Campus Retiree
Pearson, Andrew Gerard Murray (Dr) Head of Department FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
  Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Pepple, Dagogo John (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Basic Medical Sciences
Phillips, Marva Aldyth (Ms)
Pierre, Russell Bernard (Dr) Professor FMS -Child & Adolescent Health
Pinnock, Milton Altamont (Mr)
Pinnock, Willard Rhodes (Dr)
Plummer, Joseph Martin (Dr) Senior Lecturer FMS - Surgy Rad Anaes&Int Care
Pollard, Velma Earle (Dr)
Ponnambalam, Michael Jayabalan (Dr)
Porter, Roy Barrington Reynolds (Dr) Part-time Lecturer III FST - Chemistry
  Senior Lecturer FST - Chemistry
Powell, Christine Angela (Dr) Lecturer FMS - TMRI -Epidem Res Unit
Preston, John Aston (Mr) Senior Engineer ICENS Centre Env & Nuclear Sc