Dr. Lauriann Elizabeth Young-Martin

Lecturer in FMS - Basic Medical Sciences: Faculty of Medical Sciences

Bachelor of Science from UWI MonaDoctor of Philosophy from UWI MonaMaster of Philosophy from UWI Mona

Research Interests

  • Gender differences and neuroendocrine regulation of cognition
  • Neuroprotective effects of Oestrogen on learning and memory in aged animals
  • The combined effects of different stressors and marijuana on behaviour
  • The Neurobiology of Drug Addiction: Neurophysiological and Behavioural Mechanisms Associated with Addiction
  • Neuroendocrine Regulation of Learning & Memory: Interactions Between Gender, Oestrogen and Testosterone Variations and the Dopaminergic Mesolimbic System
  • Ontogenic And Gender Differences In The Drug-Induced Behavioural Effects Of Cocaine and Marijuana


Book, Chapter

Journal, Article

Postgraduate Advisement:

  • Benjamin,Liris Dr.
  • Thaxter,Karen