Dr. Mitko Kirilov Voutchkov

Senior Lecturer in FST - Physics: Faculty of Science & Technolog

Retiree (M) in Mona Campus Retiree: Affiliated Institutions

Bachelor of Science from University of PlovdivDoctor of Science from Bulgarian Academy of SciencesMaster of Education from University of PlovdivMaster of Science from Sofia University

Research Interests

  • Childhoos Screening for Lead Poisoning and Mitigation in Jamaica, Environmental Foundation of Jamaica
  • Improvement of Community Health in the Hope RIver Valley through Lead Abatement
  • Development of Multielement Analysis Methods for Industriak Materials, UWI/IDB R&D Project
  • Biomonitoring of AIr Pollution Using Nuclear Techniques,INternational Atomic Energy Agency
  • Investigation of Heavy Metals in the Jamaican Environment
  • Mitigation of Lead Hazards in Kintyre/Hope Flats
  • Environmental Assessment of Ardenic in the Parish of St.Elizabeth
  • Geochemical Mapping of Jamaican Soils, MPEC Research Fellowship Project
  • A Gamma/X-ray Flourescence spectrometer and software for radiation measurement of nuclear reactor


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