Dr. Augustine Ngozi Ezenne

Retiree (M) in Mona Campus Retiree: Affiliated Institutions

Bachelor of Law from Ahmadu Bello UniversityBachelor of Law from Nigerian Law SchoolBachelor of Science from University of NigeriaDoctor of Philosophy from University of WalesMaster of Education from Ahmadu Bello University

Research Interests

  • A study of the management of school facilities in Jamaican schools
  • A study of job satisfaction and dissatisfaction among Secondary school teachers in Jamaica
  • The problems and prospects of the double shift system of schooling in Jamaica
  • Multigrade teaching and learning in Jamaican schools
  • School discipline and students' disruptive behaviours in Jamaican High schools
  • Textbook rental schemes in urban and rural High schools in Jamaica
  • Stakeholders accountability in Secondary Education in Jamaica
  • Drug use and abuse in urban and rural High schools in Jamaica
  • Professionalization of Primary and Secondary Education in Jamaica


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