Prof. Fredrick William Hickling

Professor Emeritus in FMS - Medical Sc-Dean's Office: Faculty of Medical Sciences

Bachelor of Medicine from UWI MonaBachelor of Science from University of LondonDoctor of Medicine from UWI Mona

Research Interests

  • Evaluation of a multidisciplinary cultural therapy team approach as a risk-reduction intervention in violence and high-risk behaviours at an inner-city school in Kingston, Jamaica
  • An evaluation of homelessness in Jamaica
  • Comparing the efficiency of Community Health services in two parishes in Jamaica
  • Development of Low Cost Community-based Intervention Programmes for the Severely Mentally Ill: A Feasibility Study
  • The Role of Family as Case Managers in the Mental Health Care Services
  • Sociodemographic Characteristics of Deportees in Community Residential Facilities
  • An evaluation of an Assertive Outreach program in severely mentally ill patients in Birmingham, UK.
  • Prevalence of Depression and its Co-morbidity in Jamaica
  • The effect of a redesigned teaching curriculum on medical students' performance in the final examination at the University of the West Indies
  • Analysis of the Objective Structured Clinical Examination in the UWI MBBS Examination
  • Measuring the Co-morbidity of Substance Abuse, Violence, Psychopathology, Help-Seeking Behaviour and Attitudes towards Substance Abuse, Violence, Mental Illness and the Afflicted
  • Outcome of homeless persons with mental illness, treated in two intervention programmes in Jamaica
  • Documentation of Neuropsychiatric Research in the Caribbean
  • Co-morbidity and depression in medical clinics at the University Hospital of the West Indies
  • Suicide in Jamaica 1996-2002
  • A prospective analysis of first contact patients seen in the Small Health Locality in Birmingham, UK
  • A study of the use of open medical wards versus specialist psychiatric units for treatment of patients with acute psychoses
  • A ten-year outcome study of first contact schizophrenia in Jamaica
  • A survey of the emergency management of agitated or aggressive psychotic patients in two Kingston hospitals
  • Psychohistoriographic short term psychotherapy
  • A randomized double blind lpacebo controlled trial of a combination of Gingko biloba and ginseng (gincosan) in dementia of varying aetiology


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