Prof. Ronald Edward Young

Retiree (C) in Centre Retiree: Affiliated Institutions

Adjunct Senior Lecturer in FST - Chemistry: Faculty of Science & Technolog

Bachelor of Science from UWI MonaDoctor of Philosophy from University of St. AndrewsMaster of Science from UWI Mona


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Journal, Article

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Postgraduate Advisement:

  • Francis,S.
  • Palmer,K.
  • Obiefuna,I
  • Thaxter,K.
  • Benjamin,L
  • Robinson,E.
  • Agard,J.
  • Robinson,S.
  • Thomas,Mark
  • DaCosta-Smith,A
  • Littlewood,T.J.
  • Lawrence,V.
  • Young,L.E.
  • Goreau,N.I.