Prof. Norma Deloris McFarlane-Anderson

Adjunct Lecturer in FMS - Basic Medical Sciences: Faculty of Medical Sciences


Research Interests

  • Genetic and Nutritional Factors in Human Disease - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Animal models of preeclampsia
  • Genetic and dietary factors in cervical and cancer
  • Genetic and dietary factprs in prostate cancer
  • Characterisation and quantification of the phytoestrogenic content of some commonly used Hamaican foods and lkevels in health and disease
  • Creation of DNA profiles for some Jamiacan trees


Book, Chapter

Journal, Article


Conference Proceedings

Postgraduate Advisement:

  • Suckoo,Nadeen
  • Newsome,Cavelle
  • Chin-Quee,Karis
  • Grant,Andriene
  • Clarke,Leonie
  • Levy,Natricha
  • O'Conner,Ann-Tenneil
  • Bramwell,Grace-Ann
  • Garwood,David
  • Duff,Marilyn
  • Kahwa,Eulalia
  • Vaillant,Angel Justiz