Dr. Kai Andito Damali Morgan

Bachelor of Arts from Huntingdon CollegeDoctor of Psychology from Carlos Albizu UniversityMaster of Science from Carlos Albizu University

Research Interests

  • Cross-Cultural comparison of sexual and romantic jealousy in Senegalese and Jamaican Women
  • Effects of Music on Learning and aggression
  • Using art as a diagnostic tool for mental illness
  • Evaluating the relationship between physical affection and violence
  • Case study analysis of behavioural intervention for self-induced rectal prolapse
  • Evaluation of a multidisciplinary cultural therapy team approach as a risk-reduction intervention in violence and high-risk behavious at an inner-city school in Kingston, Jamaica
  • Sociodemograpic Characteristics of Deportees in Community Residential Facilities
  • The effect of a redesigned teaching curriculum on medical students' performance in the final examination at the University of the West Indies
  • Analysis of the Objective Structured Clinical examination in the UWI MBBS Examination


Journal, Article

Conference Proceedings