Dr. John Audley Harriott

Lecturer in FMS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Faculty of Medical Sciences

Bach. of Medicine & Surgery from UWI MonaBachelor of Science from UWI MonaDoctor of Medicine from UWI Mona

Research Interests

  • Randomized controlled trial of rectal misoprotol compared to intramuscular syntometrine for management of the third stage of labour
  • Retrospective analysis of male factors in infertility in a cohort of infertile Jamaican couples.
  • INtrauterine insemination for the treatment of subfertility at the University Hospital of the West Indies: success rates and evaluation of prognostic factors
  • Assessment of endometrial abnormalities prior to invitro fertilization:Comparison between the use of Saline Contrast Hysterosonogam (SCHS) and Hysterocopy
  • A five year review of all operative hysteroscopies done at the University Hospital of the West Indies
  • A prospective study of Maternal Obesity and Pregnancy Outcomes at the Universiity Hospital of the West Indies
  • Vaginal Examination:a new approach to an old dilemma
  • An open randomized study on IVF outcome with two fixed daily dose regimens of gonadotropin (300 IU vs. 450IU): Is there a difference


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