Dr. Orville Patrick Morgan

Associate Lecturer in FMS - Obstetrics & Gynaecology: Faculty of Medical Sciences



Journal, Article

  • Johnson, Nadine, Palmer, Paulette, Samuels, L.A., Morgan, O., Onyonyor, A., Anderson, M., Moore, Jacynth, Billings, C., Harvey, K.M., Mullings, Anthony, McDonald, D., Alexander, G., Smikle, M.F., Williams, E.W., Davis, Denver, Christie, Celia D.C.. Evolving care of HIV-infected pregnant women in Jamaica: From nevirapine to HAART
  • Christie, Celia D.C., Steel-Duncan, J., Palmer, Paulette M., Pierre, Russell, Harvey, K., Johnson, Nadine, Samuels, L.A., Dunkley-Thompson, J., Singh-Minott, Indira, Anderson, M., Billings, Collette, Evans-Gilbert, T., Rodriquez, B., McDonald, C., Moore, Jacynth, Taylor-Goover, Fay., Smikle, M.F., Williams, Eric, Whorms, S., Davis, Denver, Mullings, Anthony, Morgan, Orville., McDonald, D., Alexander, G., Onyonyor, A., Hylton-Kong, T., Weller, Peter, Harris, M., Woodham, A., Haughton, D., Carring. Paediatric and perinatal HIV/AIDS in Jamaica: An international leadership initiative, 20022007

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