Prof. Norma Deloris McFarlane-Anderson

Senior Lecturer in FMS - Basic Medical Sciences: Faculty of Medical Sciences

Telephone: 977 9285

Research Interests

  • Genetic and Nutritional Factors in Human Disease - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Animal models of preeclampsia
  • Genetic and dietary factors in cervical and cancer
  • Genetic and dietary factprs in prostate cancer
  • Characterisation and quantification of the phytoestrogenic content of some commonly used Hamaican foods and lkevels in health and disease
  • Creation of DNA profiles for some Jamiacan trees


Book, Chapter

  • Forrester, Terrence E., Wilks, Rainford J., Bennett, Franklyn I., McFarlane Anderson, Norma, McGee, Daniel L., Cooper, Richard S., Fraser, Henry S.. Obesity in the Caribbean
  • Wilks, Rainford J., McFarlane Anderson, Norma, Bennett, Franklyn I., Fraser, Henry S., McGee, Daniel L., Cooper, Richard S., Forrester, Terrence E.. Obesity in peoples of the African diaspora

Journal, Article


Conference Proceedings

Postgraduate Advisement:

  • Suckoo,Nadeen
  • Newsome,Cavelle
  • Chin-Quee,Karis
  • Grant,Andriene
  • Clarke,Leonie
  • Levy,Natricha
  • O'Conner,Ann-Tenneil
  • Bramwell,Grace-Ann
  • Garwood,David
  • Duff,Marilyn
  • Kahwa,Eulalia
  • Vaillant,Angel Justiz