DETAILS FOR Centre for Gender and Development Studies
Caribbean experience in the international women's movement: issues, process, constraints and possibilities Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

Gender-Sensitive Educational Policy and Practice: The Case of Jamaica Bailey, Barbara Report

Jamaica Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

Gendered realities: Fact or fiction?: The realities in a secondary level co-educational classroom Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

Feminism and educational research and understanding: The state of the art in the Caribbean Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

Sexist patterns of formal and non-formal education programmes: The case of Jamaica Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

Not an open book: Gender, achievement and education in the Caribbean Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

HIV/AIDS: A Multi-Faceted Problem Caribbean Strategic Plan of Action: Strategies for preventing and controlling the epidemic Bailey, Barbara Conference Proceedings

The feminization of tertiary education Bailey, Barbara Journal, Article

Innovation and change strategies: The case of CXC Bailey, Barbara Book, Chapter

Schooling and masculinity: Boys' perceptions of the school experience Bailey, Barbara//Brown, Monica M. Journal, Article

Jamaica Bailey, Barbara//Davis, Michelle Book, Chapter

Globalisation and labour market transformations: Implications for women's human resource development in Jamaica Bailey, Barbara//Dunn, Leith L Book, Chapter

Education for all: A curriculum design for special needs learners Bailey, Barbara//Hall, Winnifred Madge Journal, Article

Factors affecting the choice of science subjects by high school students: A pilot study Bailey, Barbara//Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A. Book, Chapter

Why theory? Bailey, Barbara//Leo-Rhynie, Elsa A.//Morris, Jeanette Book, Chapter

Gender: The not so hidden issue in language arts material used at the primary level Bailey, Barbara//Parkes, Lois Journal, Article

Financing democratization of education in the Caribbean: Interplay of private and public sources Bailey, Barbara//Tomlinson, Esperanza Journal, Article

Shake that 'booty' in Jesus' name: the possibilities of a liberation theology of the body for the body of Christ in Jamaica Castello, June Ann Book, Chapter

Mirror, mirror: A feminist examination of the construction of beauty of body image Charles, Suzanne Book, Chapter

Fear of the White Man's Disease: Homophobic Boundaries to Caribbean Marshall, Annecka Conference Proceedings

Are Caribbean women sexually emancipated from the chains of slavery? Marshall, Annecka//Maynard, Donna Conference Proceedings

Towards indigenous feminist theorizing in the Caribbean Mohammed, Patricia Journal, Article

Midnight's children and the legacy of nationalism in Trinidad Mohammed, Patricia Journal, Article

Gender matters in Caribbean development Mohammed, Patricia Journal, Article

Nuancing the feminist discourse in the Caribbean, new currents in Caribbean thought Mohammed, Patricia Journal, Article

Writing gender into history: The negotiation of gender relations among Indian men and women in post-indenture Trinidad society, 1917-1947 Mohammed, Patricia Book, Chapter

Ruminations on sexuality Mohammed, Patricia Journal, Article

The idea of childhood and age of sexual maturity among Indians in Trinidad: A sociohistorical scrutiny Mohammed, Patricia Book, Chapter

Ram and Sita : The reconstruction of gender identities among Indians in Trinidad through mythodology Mohammed, Patricia Book, Chapter

The Caribbean family revisted Mohammed, Patricia Book, Chapter

Love and marriage among post indentureship Indians in Trinidad: Indicators of the status of Indian women in Trinidad in the twentieth century Mohammed, Patricia Book, Chapter

Structures of experience: Gender, ethnicity and class in the lives of two East Indian women Mohammed, Patricia Book, Chapter

Gender as a primary signifier in the construction of community and state among Indians in Trinidad Mohammed, Patricia Journal, Article

Caribbean women at the crossroads Mohammed, Patricia //Perkins, Althea Journal, Article

Freedom and responsibility: New challenges to gender relations in the family Mohammed, Patricia//Perkins, Althea Conference Proceedings

Taking possession: Symbols of empire and nationhood Mohammed,Patricia Journal, Article

Engendering masculinity cross cultural Caribbean research initiatives Mohammed,Patricia Journal, Article

Gender as a dynamic concept in the media Nicholson, Hilary Book, Chapter

Divided in Struggle, Undivided in Pain: Women, Politics, and Activism in Guyana in 1970ís Shirley, Beverley Conference Proceedings