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A simplified field guide to the bryozoan species found on the roots of the red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle) in and around Kingston Harbour, Jamaica, West Indies Creary, Marcia M. Journal, Article

Climate change in the Caribbean - impact and adaptation in water sector Creary, Marcia//Trotz, U.O'D.//Bruce, J.P. Conference Proceedings

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Territorial behaviour of beaugregory damselfish (Stegastes leucostictus) in response to egg predators Haley, Michael P.//Müller, Christian R. Journal, Article

Population fluctuations of the sea urchins Diadema antillarum and Tripneustes ventricosus at Discovery Bay, Jamaica: A case of biological succession? Haley, Michael P.//Solandt, J.L. Journal, Article

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Does it matter that male beaugregory damselfish have a mate preference? Itzkowitz, M.I.//Draud, M.J.//Barnes, J.L.//Haley, Michael P. Journal, Article

CARICOMP: A Caribbean network of marine laboratories, parks and reserves for coastal monitoring and scientific collaboration Kjferve, B.//Ogden, J. C.//Garzon-Ferreira, J.//Jordan-Dahlgren, E.//De Meyer, K.//Penchaszadeh, P.//Wiebe,W. J.//Zieman, J. C.//Woodley, Jeremy D. Book, Chapter

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Status of coral reefs in the Northern Caribbean and Atlantic Node of the GCRMN Linton, Dulcie M.//Smith, Robbie//Alcolado, Pedro//Hanson, Carl//Edwards, Peter//Estrada, Reynaldo//Fisher, Tatum //Fernandez, Raul G.//Geraldes, Francisco//McCoy, Croy//Vaughan, Duncan//Voegell, Vincent//Warner, George F.//Wiener, Jean Book, Chapter

The data management center and data summary Linton,Dulcie M.//Woodley,Jeremy D. Book, Chapter

Reef morphology and community structure along a fluvial gradient, Rio Bueno, Jamaica Mallela, Jennie//Perry, Christopher T.//Haley, Michael P. Journal, Article

A growth depression model for coral density banding in montastraea annularis Mendes, Judith M.//Woodley, Jeremy D. Book, Chapter

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Visual assessment of reef fish stocks in the vicinity of Discovery Bay, Jamaica Miller, M.//Sary, Z.//Woodley, Jeremy D.//van Barneveld, W.//Picou-Gill, M. Conference Proceedings

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Reef Check- Papua New Guinea's participation in a global assessment of human effects on coral reefs. [Abstract] Quinn, Norman J Conference Proceedings

Documenting Melanesian traditional aquatic knowledge and fishing practices [Abstract] Quinn, Norman J. Conference Proceedings

Using underwater photography as a tool to increase the awareness of the coral reef habitat [Abstract] Quinn, Norman J. Conference Proceedings

Variation in subsurface seawater temperature off Discovery Bay, Jamaica and the U.S. Virgin Islands Quinn, Norman J. //Kojis, Barbara L. Journal, Article

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Invertebrate recruitment patterns inside and outside Discovery Bay, Jamaica [Abstract] Quinn, Norman J.//Kojis, Barbara L. Conference Proceedings

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Daily stress protein (hsp70) cycle in chitons (Acanthopleura Granulata Gmelin, 1791) which inhabit the rocky intertidal shoreline in a tropical ecosystem Schill, Ralph O. //Gayle, Peter M. H.//Koehler, Heinz-R. Journal, Article

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Black corals from Jamaican reef-wall environments Warner, George F. Book, Chapter

The occurrence of black corals in Jamaican reef environments, with special reference to Stichopathes lutkeni (Antipatharia : Antipathidae) Warner, George F. Journal, Article

Jamaica Warner, George F.//Goodbody, Ivan Book, Chapter

The Caribbean Coastal Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP) Warner, George F.//Linton, Dulcie M. Book, Chapter

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CARICOMP monitoring of coral reefs Woodley, Jeremy D. Conference Proceedings

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Sea-urchins exert top-down control of macroalgae on Jamaican coral reefs: 1 Woodley, Jeremy D. Journal, Article

Facilitating changes in artisanal fishery practice at Discovery Bay, Jamaica Woodley, Jeremy D. Book, Chapter

Fishery management measures instituted at Discovery Bay, Jamaica, with special reference to establishment of the fisheries reserve Woodley, Jeremy D. Journal, Article

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Sea-urchins exert top-down control of Macroalgae on Jamaican coral reefs :2 Woodley,Jeremy D.//Gayle Peter M.H.//Judd,N. Journal, Article