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To fight or not to fight the entrant: A game theoretic analysis of the impact of deregulation of the Jamaican mobile phone market on calling rates Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O. Conference Proceedings

Determinants of price spread in food crop markets in Jamaica: A case study of negro yam Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O. Conference Proceedings

An analysis of farm-retail spread for Jamaican fresh fruits Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O.//Ajibefun, I.A. Conference Proceedings

Consumer knowledge and perception of genetically modified foods Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O.//Duncan, D.R. Conference Proceedings

An analysis of farm-retail price spread for tuber crops in Jamaica Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O.//Hutchinson, R. Conference Proceedings

Estimating risk aversion coefficients for dryland wheat, irrigated corn and dairy producers in Kansas Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O.//Langemeier, Michael R//Featherstone, Allen M Journal, Article

Public perception of genetic engineering and the choice to purchase genetically modified food Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O.//Pinnock, Simone// Tennant, Paula F. Conference Proceedings

Impact of size of farm operation on resource use efficiency in small scale farming: evidence from southwestern Nigeria Ajibefun, I. A.//Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O. Journal, Article

Testing for Wegner's law in Jamaica, Guyana, Barbados and Trinidad and Tobago: Is there a spurious relationship? Alleyne, Dillon Journal, Article

The demand for imports in Jamaica: 1972-2000 Alleyne, Dillon Book, Chapter

The Dynamics of Growth, Employment and Economic Reforms in Jamaica Alleyne, Dillon Journal, Article

Guiding marginal tax policy changes using the extended gini index of consumption inequality Alleyne, Dillon Journal, Article

Forecasting tourist arrivals: Accounting for non-stationary to improve forecasting accuracy Alleyne, Dillon Book, Chapter

The impact of crime on tourist arrivals in Jamaica Alleyne, Dillon//Boxill, Ian Journal, Article

Taxation and female labour supply in Jamaica: The econometrics of nonlinear budget constraints Alleyne, Dillon//Francis, Alfred A Book, Chapter

Economic thought as a constraint on the contribution of economists to Caribbean society Figueroa, Mark Conference Proceedings

Neoliberalism and mercantilism: ironic parallels Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Lewis, New World and the Marxists in a neo-liberal world: Reflections on the critical tradition in Caribbean economic thought. Figueroa, Mark Conference Proceedings

Thirty five years after Best's 'Thought and Freedom': Looking forward to Caribbean development Figueroa, Mark Conference Proceedings

W. Arthur Lewis vs the Lewis model: Agricultural or industrial development ? Figueroa, Mark Journal, Article

Making sense of male experience: The case of academic underachievement in the English-speaking Caribbean Figueroa, Mark Journal, Article

Thinking about gender at UWI Figueroa, Mark Journal, Article

From critical pluralism to marginal mainstream: Economics in social and economic studies - the first fifty years Figueroa, Mark Conference Proceedings

W. Arthur Lewis's social analysis and the transformation of tropical economies Figueroa, Mark Conference Proceedings

Neo-liberalism and mercantilist: Ironic parallels Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Peasants, plantations and people: Continuities in the analysis of George Beckford and W.Arthur Lewis Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Does the market undermine its social (resource) base? Figueroa, Mark Journal, Article

The community as a resource for solid waste management Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Thought and freedom: Thirty-five years after Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Old (female) glass ceiling and new (male) looking glasses: Challenging gender privileging in the Caribbean Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Jamaica's political garrisons as a context for gang activity Figueroa, Mark Conference Proceedings

Male privileging and male 'academic underperformance' in Jamaica Figueroa, Mark Book, Chapter

Defining and measuring flows of remittances to the Caribbean: The Jamaican case Figueroa, Mark// Kirton, Claremont//Alleyne, Dillon Conference Proceedings

The importance of the Diaspora to small island developing states Figueroa, Mark//McLeod, G.//Kirton, Claremont Conference Proceedings

Garrison politics and criminality in Jamaica: Does the 1997 election represent a turning point? Figueroa, Mark//Sives, Amanda Book, Chapter

Homogenous voting, electoral manipulation and the 'garrison' process in post-independence Jamaica Figueroa, Mark//Sives, Amanda Journal, Article

Debt and the dollar: revisiting Omar vs Domar Francis, Alfred A Journal, Article

Is the Jamaican dollar overvalued ? Francis, Alfred A. Journal, Article

Crime and development: The Jamaican experience Francis, Alfred A//Harriott, Anthony//Kirton, Claremont//Gibbison, Godfrey Report

Agricultural trade reform: Policy implications for CARICOM Freckleton, Marie Journal, Article

EU-CARICOM Free trade: Opportunity or Mirage? Freckleton, Marie Journal, Article

Finacial liberalization and banking crisis in Jamaica Freckleton, Marie Journal, Article

Liberalization of trade in services and diversification of CARICOM exports Freckleton, Marie Journal, Article

European Union-ACP Trade: An Assessment of the ACP Challenge Freckleton, Marie Journal, Article

Monetary policy and deficits financing in Jamaica Ghartey, Edward Journal, Article

Is the current foreign exchange regime in Jamaica optimal Ghartey, Edward Conference Proceedings

A common currency and exchange rate system for the West African monetary zone: Is the coronation approach feasible? Ghartey, Edward Journal, Article

Ghana's term structure of interest rates: effects and implications of monetary policy Ghartey, Edward Journal, Article

Random walk as a universal test of weak-form foreign exchange market efficiency: A theoretical proof Ghartey, Edward Conference Proceedings

Exchange market efficiency: Perspectives from Jamaica, an emerging market Ghartey, Edward, E Book, Chapter

The monetary approach to determine the exchange rate in the Caribbean Ghartey, Edward, E Book, Chapter

Macroeconomic instability and inflationary financing in Ghana Ghartey, Edward, E Journal, Article

Money demand in Jamaica: Evidence from cointegration, error correction modelling, and exogeneity Ghartey, Edward, E Journal, Article

Testing for weak-and super-exogeneity conditions of money demand functions in some Caribbean nations Ghartey, Edward, E Journal, Article

Empirical evidence of structural invariance of money demand in Barbados Ghartey, Edward, E Book, Chapter

Monetary dynamics in Ghana: Evidence from cointegration, error correction modelling and exogeneity Ghartey, Edward, E Journal, Article

Exchange market pressure and optimal foreign exchange regime in Jamaica Ghartey, Edward, E Journal, Article

A first look at the relationship between a mother's marital status and the educational attainment of her children in the Jamaican context Gibbison Godfrey Journal, Article

An assessment of the problem of irregular school attendance among primary school children in Jamaica Gibbison, Godfrey//Murthy, Nittala Journal, Article

Are female-headed households time poor? Evidence from Jamaica Handa, Sudhanshu Journal, Article

University admissions policy in a developing country: Evidence from the University of the West Indies Handa, Sudhanshu//Gordon, Peter-John Journal, Article

Adjustment with a human face? Evidence from Jamaica Handa, Sudhanshu//King, Damien Journal, Article

The economics of rotating savings and credit associations: Evidence from the jamaican `partner'. Handa, Sudhanshu//Kirton, Claremont Journal, Article

Maternal education and child height Handa,Sudhanshu Journal, Article

Balance of payments liberalization, poverty, and distribution in Jamaica King, Damien Book, Chapter

The welfare effects of balance of payments reform: A macro-micro simulation of the cost of rent-seeking King, Damien//Handa, Sudhanshu Journal, Article

Changes in the distribution of income and the new economic model in Jamaica King, Damien//Handa, Sudhanshu Journal, Article

Informal financial activity in Jamaica: A preliminary analysis of the recent experience with pyramid schemes Kirton, Claremont Book, Chapter

CARICOM regional agricultural policy: An evaluation Kirton, Claremont Conference Proceedings

Establishment and development of a regional agricultural policy network in the Caribbean Kirton, Claremont//Bailey, Arlene Conference Proceedings

The Three Faces of John Elliott: His Contribution to Political Economy Madjd-Sadjadi, Zagros Journal, Article

Genesis: An Economic Reinterpretation Madjd-Sadjadi, Zagros Journal, Article

On the problematic definition of terrorism Madjd-Sadjadi, Zagros //Venicll, C. Daniel Journal, Article

Identifying national types: A cluster analysis of politics, economics and conflict Madjd-Sadjadi, Zagros //Wolfson, Murray //James, Patrick Journal, Article

Relative gains maximizers in a free trade regime Madjd-Sadjadi, Zagros//Abdulkadri, Abdullahi O. Journal, Article

Assessing Credit Unions’ Performance in Facilitating Economic Growth: The Case of Jamaica (1986-2002) Tennant, David Conference Proceedings

Nothing new under the sun: Some suggestions for a Caribbean Civil Society perspective on the Monterrey consensus Tennant, David Conference Proceedings

Tennant, David//Kirkpatrick, C. Book, Whole

Responding to financial crisis: The case of Jamaica Tennant, David//Kirkpatrick, C. Journal, Article

Crisis in Jamaica: Has the cost been excessive? Tennant, David//Kirkpatrick, C. Journal, Article

Economic policy and the Caribbean labour market Witter, Michael Book, Chapter

Prospects for Jamaica's economic development in the era of the FTAA Witter, Michael Book, Chapter

Business challenges facing the Jamaican music industry Witter, Michael Conference Proceedings

Civil Society Participation in Governance in Jamaica and Belize Witter, Michael Book, Chapter

On debunking political myths Witter, Michael Book, Chapter

Choosing life for the Caribbean Sea, presentation at the Minister of Environment Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Ministry of Housing Land and the Environment, Government of Barbados Witter, Michael

Post-colonial development in the Caribbean: Perspectives on culture, gender and economics Witter, Michael Conference Proceedings

The informal economy of Jamaica Witter, Michael. Book, Chapter

Identifying national types: A cluster analysis of politics, economics, and conflict Wolfson, Murray//Madjd-Sadjadi, Zagros//James, Patrick Journal, Article