DETAILS FOR Department of Sociology and Social Work
Space and place: Social impacts of tourism in Barbados and Jamaica Boxill, Ian Book, Chapter

Sovereignty, globalization and Caribbean integration Boxill, Ian Journal, Article

Overcoming social problems in the Jamaican tourism industry Boxill, Ian Book, Chapter

Socioeconomic impacts of tourism in Dangriga and Hopkins, Belize Boxill, Ian//Castillo, Philip Book, Chapter

How Tourism transforms language: The case of Playa del Carmen,Mexico Boxill, Ian//Hernandez, Edith Journal, Article

Ambivalence, sexuality and violence in the construction of Caribbean masculinity Branche, Clement Book, Chapter

Brief notes on DeLaurence in Jamaica Brodber, Erna Journal, Article

Myths are us too Brodber, Erna Journal, Article

Guyana's historical sociology and the novels of Beryl Gilroy and Grace Nichols Brodber, Erna Book, Chapter

Healing the nation: Rastafari exorcism of the ideology of racism in Jamaica Chevannes, Barry Book, Chapter

Revival Chevannes, Barry Book, Chapter

Fatherhood in the African-Caribbean landscape Chevannes, Barry Book, Chapter

Jamaican diasporic identity: The metaphor of yaad Chevannes, Barry Book, Chapter

Coming in from the cold: Native religions and the problem of democracy in Jamaica. Chevannes, Barry Book, Chapter

If the shoe doesn't fit: Law and the African-Caribbean family Chevannes, Barry Journal, Article

Gender and adult sexuality Chevannes, Barry Book, Chapter

The impact of parenting on conduct disorder in Jamaican male adolescents. Crawford-Brown, Claudette P Journal, Article

The impact of migration on the rights of children and families in the Caribbean Crawford-Brown, Claudette P Book, Chapter

Parent-child relationships in Caribbean families Crawford-Brown, Claudette P//Rattray, Melrose Book, Chapter

Labour law, statutory arbitration and the termination of employment: Exercising rights rightly Davis, Clinton//Taylor, Orville W Book, Chapter

Exchanges that work: Mutuality and sustainability in a Caribbean/U.S.A. academic partnership Healy,Lyn//Maxwell,John A.//Pine,Barbara Journal, Article

Student assessment of supervision in social work field practice in the Caribbean and South Eastern Africa: A comparative study and commentary Maxwell, John A. Journal, Article

The evolution of social welfare services and social work in the english-speaking Caribbean (with major reference to Jamaica) Maxwell, John A. Journal, Article

Sexually transmitted disease symptoms: A comparative analysis of male and female youth in Jamaica Norman, Lisa R. Journal, Article

Prevalence and determinants of sexually transmitted diseases: An analysis of young Jamaican males Norman, Lisa R. //Uche, Chukwudum Journal, Article

The sensing self: New directions in self theories Ramkissoon, Marina Journal, Article

'So wha, mi nuh fi live to?': Interpreting violence in Jamaica through the dancehall culture Stewart, Kingsley Journal, Article

Rastafari in dance hall music in the 1990s and beyond: Resurgence and Extremism Taylor Orville W Conference Proceedings

Cultural considerations for social workers: A sociological perspective Taylor, Orville W Journal, Article

The Jamaican labour relations and industrial disputes act (LRIDA): A critical assessment Taylor, Orville W Book, Chapter

Health related behaviours of youth: Implications for national development Uche, Chukwudum//Norman, Lisa R Book, Chapter