DETAILS FOR International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences
Analysis of lanthanides using XRF spectroscopy[Abstract] Chin, A.//Howe, Andrea//Fiddler, Frederick//Lalor, Gerald C.//Vutchkov, Mitko K.//Thompson, Marlon K.//Kahwa, Ishenkumba A. Book, Chapter

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NAA of very short-lived elements using the slowpoke-2 nuclear reactor at ICENS [Abstract] Grant, Charles N.//Fiddler, Frederick//Lalor, Gerald C.//Vutchkov, Mitko K. Book, Chapter

Monitoring of environmental radioactivity using gamma-ray spectroscopy and NAA [Abstract] Grant, Charles N.//Howe, Andrea//Lalor, Gerald C.//Vutchkov, Mitko K. Book, Chapter

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Application of nuclear techniques for multi-element analysis in natural products Lalor, Gerald C.//Vutchkov, Mitko K. Book, Chapter

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