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Predictors of micralbuminuria and systolic blood pressure in patients with homozygous (SS) and heterozygous (SC) sickle cell disease Asnani, M.//Reid, M. Conference Proceedings

An audit of the DM Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Programme at the University of the West Indies, 2002-2006 Barrow, P.//Harding, H.E. Conference Proceedings

Exercise in end stage renal disease Barton, E.N. Conference Proceedings

Chronic pain and current management strategies at the University Hospital of the West Indies Bourg, N.//Harding, H.E.//Ehikametalor, K. Conference Proceedings

Using the biopsychosocial model to evaluate the wellbeing of the Jamaican elderly Bourne, P. Conference Proceedings

The oxygen delivery index in subjects with normal haemoglobin (HbAA),Sickle cell trait (HbAS) and homozygous sickle cell disease (Hbss) Bowers, A.S.//Pepple, D.J.//Reid, H.L. Conference Proceedings

Clinico-pathological profile of gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GIST's): A five-year review Brady-West, D.C.//Blake, G. Conference Proceedings

Cotrimoxazole-resistant invasive bacterial infections in Jamaican children with HIV/AIDS Brayn, P.R.//Peirre, R.B.//Christie, C.D.C.//Andiman, W. Conference Proceedings

A prospective study of the prevalence of carotid stenosis in a high risk Caribbean population: An interim analysis Brown, H.//Crandon, I.W.//Shah, S.//Lawrence-Wright, M.//Lawrence, S.//Gilbert, D.T. Conference Proceedings

The hyperglycaemic effect of the no-doner s-nitroso-l-cysteine ethylester hydrochloride Brown, K.J.//Lindo, R.L.//Dasgupta, T. Conference Proceedings

The effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitors administrated separately with s-nitroso-nacetyl-pencillame on blood glucose concentration in normal rats Bryan, S.//Lindo, R.L.//Dasgupta, T. Conference Proceedings

A comparison of the patient characteristics and outcome of treatment of patients who were treated medically with a single dose methotrexate versus surgically for ectopic pregnancies Buchanan, K/./Flectcher, H. Conference Proceedings

Who gives blood and why?Blood donor profile and motivation-implications for donor recruitment and retention Buchner-Daley, L.//Brady-West, D.C. Conference Proceedings

Day case paediatric surgery: An assessment of caregivers' knowledge, attitudes and experiences at the Bustamante Hospital for Children Burke, N.//James, B.//Harding, H.E.//Scarlett, M.D.//Younger, N.O. Conference Proceedings

Recent advances in endoscopic retrograde chlangio-pancreatography at the University Hospital of the West Indies Cawich, S.O.//Plummer, J.M.//Arthurs, M.//Mitchell, D.I.G.//Murphy, T.//William, E.W.//McFarlene, M.E.C.//Newnham, M.S. Conference Proceedings

Abnormal liver function tests in persons attending an outpatient HIV treatment clinic in Kingston, Jamaica Clarke, T.R. Conference Proceedings

From St.Ann's Bay in 1826 to Montego Bay in 1902: The pattern of riots in nineteeth century Jamaica Dalby, Jonathan Conference Proceedings

The distribution and correlates of bone density in Jamaican young adults Eyre, S.A.//Boyne, M.S.//Ferguson, T.S.//Younger, N.O.//Tulloch-Reid, M.K.//Jackson, M.//Vaughan, K.//Samms-Vaughan, M.//Wilks, R.J. Conference Proceedings

Renal impairment as a complication of uterine fibroids Fletcher, H.//Wharfe, G.//Williams, N.//Barton, E.N. Conference Proceedings

Sugar woes and land problems in Jamaica: Reflections on a hundred years after the abolition of the salve trade Francis, Wigmoor Conference Proceedings

Neurological complications in patients with end stage renal disease on chronic dialysis therapy Gayle, F.//Gilbert, D.T.//Barton, E.N. Conference Proceedings

Is lung cancer risk modified by glutahione s-transferase mu-1 deletion polymorphism? Gibson, T.N.//Jackson, M.E/./Wilcox, D.E.//Blake, G.//Hanchard, B. Conference Proceedings

A kingdom divided cannot stand: Politics in early ninrteenth-century Jamaica Gosse, Dave Conference Proceedings

Effect of Jamaican ortanique peel plymethoxylated flavones on liver and kidney function in diet-induced hpercholesterolaemic rats Green, C.O.//Wheatley, A.O.//Dilworth, L.L.//McGrowder, D.//Mills, J.//Morrison, E.//Asemota, H.N. Conference Proceedings

Epidemiology of severe head-injured patients admitted to the Intensive Care Unit, University Hospital of the West Indies Hamiliton, A.//Harding-Goldson, H. Conference Proceedings

A new paradigm to routine intensive care utilization post elective neurosurgery in a Developing Country Harding, H.E.//Crandon, I.W.//Crawford-Sykes,A.//Bruce, C.A.R.//Gordon-Stachan, G.M.//Augier, A. Conference Proceedings

Nutritional status and its influence on the physical performance of recruits of the Jamaica Defence Force Henningham, D.C.//Walker, S. Conference Proceedings

Ties that bind: Consolidating family links in Jamaica, 1834-1838 Jemmott, Jenny Conference Proceedings

On the periphery: Women, science, and Caribbean natural history Josephs, Aleric Conference Proceedings

Prevalence of asthma and allergic disorders in Jamaican young adults: The 1986 Jamaican birth cohort 18-20-year follow-up Knight-Madden, J.M.//Ferguson, T.S.//Younger, N.O.//Tulloch-Reid, M.K.//Samms-Vaughan, M.//Ashely, D.//Wilks, R.J. Conference Proceedings

Mechanisms involved in the anti-inflammartory activity exhibited by 6-shogaol (a compound from ginger) in complete Freund's adjuvant mono-arthritis in rats Levy, A.S.A. Conference Proceedings

Depression among fourth form students in Jamaican high schools Lipps, G.//Lowe, G.A.//Halliday, S.//Morris, A.//Clarke, N. Conference Proceedings

Depression among fourth from students in three Caribbean countries Lipps, G.//Lowe, G.A.//Halliday, S.//Morris, A.//Clarke, N. Conference Proceedings

Validation of the Jamaican personality disorder inventory Martin-Cooke, J.S.//HIckling, Frederick W.//Abel, W.D. Conference Proceedings

A novel technique to induce type-2 diabetes mellitus in sprague-dawley rats McCalla, G.//Comrie, T.//Parshad, O. Conference Proceedings

Sexual behaviour and resiliency factors among Jamaican 15-19-year old adolescents: Jamaican youth risk and resiliency behaviour survey (JYRRBS) 2006 McFarlene, S.//Younger, N.//Francis, D.//Gordon-Strachan, G.//Grant, A.//Johnson, A. //Van den Broeck, J.//Wilks, R.J. Conference Proceedings

Frequency of depressive symptoms and associated risk behavior: Jamaican youth risk and resiliency behaviour survey (JYRRBS) 2006 McFarlene, S.//Younger, N.//Francis, D.//Gordon-Strachan, G.//Grant, A.//Johnson, A.//Van den Broeck, J.//Wilks, R.J. Conference Proceedings

Clinical sexology interfaces with medical science : Jamaican case studies Oo, M.K.//Carpenter, .K//McGill, S. Conference Proceedings

A study of post-traumatic stress disorder among Jamaica Constabulary Force personnel in a given geographical area of Jamaica Oo, M.K.//Hickling, Frederick W. Conference Proceedings

Substance abuse and relapse from treeatment: Relationship to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder Paisley, V.//Pottinger, A.M. Conference Proceedings

Providing care for hand injuries: An audit of hand cases treated the University Hospital of the West Indies Plamer, W.//Chambers, C.//Hart, N.//Rose, R.E.C. Conference Proceedings

Tacky plus five: A 1765 slave revolt in St Mary's Jamaca Robertson, James Conference Proceedings

Dietary assesment and nutritional status of children aged 0-60 months living in places of safety and children's homes in Kingston and Manchester, Jamaica Rodgers, Y.T.//Powell, C.A. Conference Proceedings

The pathology of fatal burns in Jamaica : A coroner's (medicolegal) autopsy study from the University Hospital of the West Indies Shirley, S.E.//Escoffery, C.T. Conference Proceedings

Descriptive characteristics affecting uterine fibroids risk in Jamaican women : Role of oestrogen availability determinants Simon, G.A.//McFarlane-Anderson, N.//Fletcher, H.//Golden, K.//Wharfe, G. Conference Proceedings

Caribbean renal registry Soyibo, A.K.//Barton, E.N. Conference Proceedings

Renal biopsies done in Jamaica in 2006 Soyibo, A.K.//Williams, W.//Smith, R.//Shah, D.//Barton, E.N. Conference Proceedings

Blood transfusion practices by physicians working in intensive care units in the English-speaking Caribbean Toppin, P.J.//Harding, H.E.//Gordon-Strachan, G.M.//Frankson, A. Conference Proceedings

Prevalence of personality disorder in an impatient populationof the psychiatric service of the University Hospital of the West Indies Walcott, G.O.//Hickling, Frederick W.//Abel, W.//Martin-Cooke, J. Conference Proceedings

Jaw tumours in children and adolecents: A review of cases seen at the University Hosipital of the West Indies West, K.//Coard, K. Conference Proceedings

An assessment of clinical predictors of intracranial head injury using CTscans West, W.//Chambers, D.//Myint, K.//Cornwall, D.//Johnson, J. Conference Proceedings

Discharging auricular infections in patients at the University Hospiital of the West Indies: Bacterial aetiology and pathogen susceptibility Willis, R.//Bodonaik, N.C. Conference Proceedings