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5655 Choosing life for the Caribbean Sea, presentation at the Minister of Environment Awards Ceremony sponsored by the Ministry of Housing Land and the Environment, Government of Barbados
• Witter, Micha
1229 Crisis, adjustment and social change: A case study of Jamaica
• Anderson, Patricia
• Witter, Micha
1279 From decolonization to neo-liberalism: What have we learned about development
• Levitt, Ka
1376 Caribbean development and the Caribbean people: The present as history
• Witter, Micha
5884 The informal economy of Jamaica
• Witter, Michae
5958 On debunking political myths
• Witter, Micha
6733 Trade liberalization: The Jamaican experience
• Witter, Micha
5787 Post-colonial development in the Caribbean: Perspectives on culture, gender and economics
• Witter, Micha
5789 Consensus and economic development in the Caribbean
• Witter, Micha
6769 Perspectives of PATH benefeciaries on current and other payment methods
• Witter, Michael
• Stewart,
481 Language and empowerment in the Caribbean: Historical basis and contemporary dynamics
• Alleyne, Mervyn
2894 Economic policy and the Caribbean labour market
• Witter, Micha
1304 George Beckford and plantation economy
• Girvan, Norman
5772 Business challenges facing the Jamaican music industry
• Witter, Micha
6258 Civil Society Participation in Governance in Jamaica and Belize
• Witter, Micha
1281 LeBlanc era: Electoral politics in Dominica, 1951-1975
• Riviere, E. Willi
1283 Scholarship and activism: Some lessons from 1978-80 concerning the peasantry in Dominica
• Riviere, E. Willi
1284 Peasants, plantations and a place for people: Continuities in the analysis of George Beckford and W. Arthur Lewis
• Figueroa, Ma
1218 Conference overview
• Witter, Micha
5642 Prospects for Jamaica's economic development in the era of the FTAA
• Witter, Micha