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3178 Steroid transformations with Fusarium oxysporum var. cubense and Colletotrichum musae
• Wilson, Maureen R.
• Gallimore, Winklet A.
• Reese, Paul
3157 Steroid transformations with Exophiala jeanselmei var. lecanii-corni and Ceratocystis paradoxa
• Porter, Roy B.
• Gallimore, Winklet A.
• Reese, Paul
3020 New sketal sesquiterpenoids, caprariolides A-D, from Capraria biflora and their insecticidal activity
• Collins, Dwight O.
• Gallimore, Winklet A.
• Reynolds, William F.
• Williams, L. A.D.
• Reese, Paul
1591 Guest ion regognition and energy migration/transfer in a supramolecular cubic assembly of tetrakis (rubidium 18-crown-6) tetrachloromanganate (II) species
• Fairman, Richard A.,
• Gallimore, Winklet, A.
• Spence, Kirk V.N.
• Kahwa, Ishenkumba
6977 Alkaloids from the Sponge Monanchora unguifera
• Gallimore, W.A
• Kelly, M
• Scheuer, P