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993096 Can we cross it? With WAC we can: Developing a model for writing intervention across disciplinary borders
• McLaren, Ingrid
995779 The use of quantitative and qualitative methods in the analysis of academic achievement among undergraduates in Jamaica
• McLaren, Ingrid
5343 Student learning in higher education: Meeting the demands of globalization
• McLaren, Ingr
7704 Collaborating without interfering: Navigating the ‘Rough’ terrain’of scientific language and knowledge.
• McLaren, I.ngrid A.
• Webber, Dale
7707 Student perceptions and outcomes of a WAC intervention exercise in an introductory biology course.
• Boyd, Frederick A..
• Tennant Paula F.
• Persad, Gale
• Robinson, Dwight E.
• McLaren, Ingrid
7036 Reversing power relations and curricular reform : English language education activism in the academy
• McLaren,Ingrid A.
• Dyche,Caroline A.
• Altidor Brooks, Alison G.
• Taylor, R.
• Devonish, Hubert
384 Sex differences in field independence and cognitive ability among UWI students
• McLaren, Ingr