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4448 Disseminated Histoplasmosis and AIDS at the University Hospital of the West Indies. A Case Report
• Nicholson, Alison M..
• Rainford, Lois
• Elliott, V.
• Christie, Celia
4428 Analysis of 370 culture proven gonococcal infections and antibiotic resistance in Strains of Neisseria gonorrhoeae encountered in Jamaica [Abstract]
• Bodonaik, Nabin C.
• Sue-Ho, Robert
• Rainford, Lo
2189 Systemic phaeohyphomycosis in pregnancy and the puerperium
• Fletcher, Horace M.
• Williams, Nadia P.
• Nicholson, Alison M.
• Rainford, Lois
• Phillip, H.
• East-Innis, Althea
6805 The changing pattern of tinea capitis in Jamaica
• East-Innis, Althea
• Rainford, Lois
• Dunwell, P
• Barrett- Robinson, D
• Nicholson, Aliso
6367 The epidemiology of mycotic vulvovaginitis and the use of antifungal agents in suspected mycotic vulvovaginitis and its implications for clinical practice
• Jackson, S. T.
• Mullings, A. M.
• Rainford, Lois
• Miller,