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6118 Production integration in the CSME :Some considerations
• Duncan, Neville
7064 Generalized trust in an English-Speaking Caribbean nation.
• Bourne, Paul A.
• Beckford, Orville W.
• Duncan, Neville
4923 Changing world architecture and its impact on growth and development opportunities for Caribbean States: Socio-political perspectives. [Abstract]
• Duncan, Neville
5049 People dimensions of the CSME: Social and political aspects
• Duncan, Neville C
5050 Radicalism in Caribbean Transformation
• Duncan, Neville C
993453 Caribbean Universities: Respond positively or concede
• Duncan, Neville
4939 Governance in small societies: The importance of strong democracy
• Duncan, Neville C
4888 Radicalism and Caribbean transformation
• Duncan, Neville
4931 Caribbean governance: Solving the St. Kitts-Nevis dilemma and the Caribbean-Atlantic wide participation conundrum. [Abstract]
• Duncan, Neville