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5036 Foresighting and Technology Choice in small developing countries
• Wehrmeyer, Walter
• Chenoweth, Jonathan
• Clayton, Anthony
• Fernandez-Lopez, Manuel
• Lum, K
6327 Management of Jamaica's Coral Reefs
• Clayton, Anthony
• Haley, Micha
993585 Using Integrated Assessment to develop Policy Options: Trade, Land Use and Biodiversity a case study of the sugar industry in Jamaica
• Clayton, Anthony M.
• K'nife, K'adamawe A.
• Spencer, Andrew
4928 Sustainable tourism development in the Caribbean: Practical challenges
• Harrison, Lynn C.
• Jayawardena, Chandana
• Clayton, Antho
2412 Nutraceuticals: The new opportunities for agriculture and agro-industries.
• Clayton, Antho
4956 Sustainable tourism: The agenda for the Caribbean
• Clayton, Antho
2368 Developing a bioindustry cluster in Jamaica: A step towards building a skill-based economy.
• Clayton, Anthon
5956 The Impact of Terrorism and Extortion on Engineering, Construction And Development
• McDavid, Hilton
• Clayton, Antho
4938 Enabling industrial symbiosis through a web-based waste exchange
• Clayton, Anthony
• Muirhead, John
• Reichgelt, H
2408 Current trends in higher education and the implications for the UWI
• Clayton, Antho
2411 Sustainable tourism: The agenda for the Caribbean.
• Clayton, Antho
2329 Strategies for sustainable tourism development: The role of the concept of carrying capacity.
• Clayton, Antho
4777 The Role of NGOs in Environmental Policy Failures in a Developing Country: The Mismanagement of Jamaica's Coral Reefs
• Haley, Michael P.
• Clayton, Antho
4934 Cleaner technologies: The implications for developing nations
• Clayton, Antho
4913 Policy coherence and sustainable tourism in the Caribbean
• Clayton, Antho