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7211 The Medical Doctor and Clinical Sexologist working together for Optimal Patient Care
• Carpenter, Karen
7212 Ou wi laan fi taak awi yaad: Jamaican parent-child interaction in home language development.
• Carpenter, Karen A.
• Devonish, Hubert
7213 Gendered perspectives, lived experiences: Questioning the binary in human sexuality.
• Carpenter, Karen
6851 Home School Relationships
• Johnson,J
• Carpenter, Kar
6613 Clinical sexology interfaces with medical science : Jamaican case studies
• Oo, M.K.
• Carpenter, .K
• McGill,
7169 Uu fieva mi, Uu taak laik mi : Exploring race, language and self-concept in Jamaican primary school children
• Devonish, Hubert M
• Carpenter, Karen A.
• Coore, Charlene
6547 Towards full bilingualism in education: The Jamaican bilingual primary education project
• Devonish, Hubert
• Carpenter, Kar