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995656 Enhancing Political Participation in Jamaica: The Use of Facebook to ‘Cure’ the Problem of Political Talk Among the Jamaican Youth
• Waller,
993454 Mobile Smartphones as Tools for ‘Efficient’ and ‘Effective’ Protesting: A Case Study of Mobile Protesting in Jamaica
• Waller,
993215 A Case Study of Citizen-to- Government Mobile Activism in Jamaica: Protesting Violations of the Rule of Law with Smart Phones
• Waller, L.
• Taylor, A
993004 Measuring Caribbean integration: towards developing a model that measures disparities and cohesion among CARICOM member states
• Rhiney, Kevon C.
• Waller, L.
• Symmonds,
993278 Comparative Analysis between LDCs and MDCs within the Caribbean Single Market and Economy and Predictions of Agglomeration
• Rhiney, Kevon C.n
• Waller, Lloyd G.
• Abdulkadri, Abdullahi
7717 Beyond diffusion: Mapping the use of ICTs among Jamaican micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises.
• Commosioung, Michelle H.
• Waller, Lloyd