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3303 CLV- a defensive factor from the secretory trichomes of Cleome Viscosa with insecticidal activity [Abstract only]
• Williams, L. A.D.
• Reid, Walton
• Porter, Roy
6955 Investigation of essential oil extracts from four native Jamaican species of bursera for antibacterial activity
• Junor, G.O.
• Porter, Roy B.R.
• Facey, P.C.
• Yee, Trevor
4112 Mikanolide from Jamaican mikania micranta
• Bakir, Mohammed A.
• Facey, Petrea C.
• Hassan, Ishmael
• Mulder, Willem H.
• Porter, Roy
3220 Characterisation of a flavonol and several lignans from Hyptis verticillata
• Porter, Roy, B.
• Reese, Paul
8153 Abietane diterpenoids from Hyptis verticillata.
• Biggs, Duanne A. C.
• Porter, Roy B.
• Reynolds, W.
7378 7-Acetyl-12-methoxyhorminone from Jamaican Hyptis verticillata (Labiatae)
• Bakir, M
• Biggs, D.A.C
• Lough, A
• Mulder, W.H
• Reynolds, W
• Porter, R
3157 Steroid transformations with Exophiala jeanselmei var. lecanii-corni and Ceratocystis paradoxa
• Porter, Roy B.
• Gallimore, Winklet A.
• Reese, Paul
8154 Chemical composition and insecticidal activity of the essential oils from Bursera hollickii (Britton) found in Jamaica.
• Junor, Grace-Ann
• Porter, Roy B.
• Yee, Trevor H.
• Williams, Lawrence
8155 A new hyptadienic acid derivative from Hyptis verticillata with insecticidal activity.
• Biggs, Duanne A. C.
• Porter, Roy B. R.
• Reynolds, W. F.
• Williams, Lawrence A.
4095 Biological activity and chemical composition of the essential oil from Jamaican Hyptis verticillata Jacq.
• Facey, Petrea C.
• Porter, Roy B..
• Reese, Paul B.
• Williams, L.A
4237 Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oil from Jamaican hyptis verticillata Jacq [Abstract]
• Facey, Petrea C.
• Porter, Roy B.
• Reese, Paul B.
• Williams, L.A
8190 Characterization of Jamaican Agro-Industrial Wastes. Part I: Characterization of Amino Acids Using HPLC: Pre-column Derivatization with Phenylisothiocyanate
• Bailey-Shaw, Y.
• Golden, Kerith D.
• Pearson, Andrew G.
• Porter, Roy B
2930 Investigation of plants used in Jamaican folk medicine for anti- bacterial activity
• Facey, Petrea C.
• Pascoe, Keith O.
• Porter, Roy B.
• Jones, A. D
1510 Acaricidal and insecticidal activities of cadina-4, 10 (15)-dien-3-one.
• Porter, Roy B.
• Reese, Paul, B.
• Williams, L. A. D.
• Williams, David