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4952 'When you have AIDS, people laugh at you': A Process Drama approach to Stigma with pupils in Zambia
• Heap, Brian S.
• Simpson, Antho
5015 Songs of a surrogate mother: The nursery rhyme in Caribbean culture
• Heap, Brian
5016 Dr. Olive Lewin: Jamaica’s first lady of folk music
• Heap, Brian
2700 The spectrum of circumstance: The interconnectivity of context, role and frame in process drama
• Heap,Brian
• Bowell,Pame
6536 Processing post colonialism: Using drama to produce multifaceted art experiences from mono-cultural material
• Bowell, Pamella
• Heap, Brian
5003 Interrogating the Absent Text: The Critical Tradition and West Indian Drama
• Heap, Brian S
2702 Sign as the concrete manifestation of frame tension in process drama
• Heap, Brian
• Bowell, Pame
4912 The Best Laid Schemes o' Mice and Men: Exploring the Interplay Between Context, Role and Frame in Process Drama
• Bowell, Pamela
• Heap, Brian