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5513 Prospero's Course and Caliban's Curse: Current Lessons in Teacher Education and Training
• Feraria, Paulette
3956 The other side: Cross cultural representation of Women in Fiction
• Feraria, Paulette
7265 Charting the education transformation path: Towards models of praxis for teacher development for school improvement in Jamaica.
• Feraria, Paulette
3576 Preparing the teacher as reflective practitioner: Some emerging trends in a teacher education programme at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica
• Feraria, Paulette
5539 Language curriculum discourse on the treatment of Jamaican creole by education planners and practitioners: Reform or retreat?
• Feraria, Paulette
5540 Cable in the classroom : Training solution for in-service teacher education
• Feraria Paulette J.
• Watts Keri